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How do I know if my business needs a new roof?

Roofing systems are generally warrantied for 10 to 30 years. Building owners should know when their warranties expire so that they can plan ahead for replacement or repair. If a building owner does not know about their warranty information, a commercial roofing contractor can inspect the building and advise them of their options.

How long do commercial roof systems last?

The lifespan of a commercial single-ply membrane roof system can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on several factors. A roofing professional can design a system based on the specific needs of the building owner, whether it is industrial roofing, commercial roofing, or metal roofing.

How much do new commercial and industrial roofing system last?

Single-ply membrane roofs are designed in a variety of ways depending on the building’s requirements. Prices range from a couple of dollars per square foot to upwards of $20 per square foot depending on the complexity of the roofing system. It’s important to hire commercial roofing contractors that understands how to design a commercial roof system that fitst the building requirements, and is within budget.

How do I maintain my commercial or industrial roofing systems?

Commercial roofing systems generally require regular preventive maintenance programs by the manufacturer, which building owners are able to contract out through an industrial roofing or commercial roofing company’s service department. A study by Firestone Building Products showed that an average 20-year roofing system will last beyond the warranty period if there is a preventive maintenance program. On the other hand, roofing systems without maintenance programs lasted on average only 13 years before needing to be replaced.

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Preventative Maintenance Plan

Don’t let your small roof problems turn into big problems and huge expenses. Our RoofAdvantage 360 program is available to help you protect your investment and extend the life cycle of your roof. Let our RoofAdvantage 360 team save you valuable time and money today! Davco-certified technicians will conduct semi-annual roofing inspections with detailed reports and provide you with preventative maintenance.

We pride ourselves on providing the optimal roof for your building and within your budget.

We pride ourselves on providing the optimal roof for your building and within your budget. 

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